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Welcome to The Antique Doll Shop Dot Com

Antique Dolls - A Silent Voice From the Past

Antique dolls are silent to the ears, yet they bring a voice from the past into the present.
They sit looking across the room, or perhaps down at their feet. Maybe they have their eyes closed with their head turned back. Some may be standing straight, majestic, hair flowing all around them. Still others may gaze directly at you, through you.
Whatever pose they may take antique dolls bring a silent voice from the past into today

Their history may have begun from any of a numerous ways, but chances are if they are dolls older than 90 years, they began their journey in either Germany or France.
That is where the major doll makers of that time were. Armand Marseille, Heinrich Handwerck, JD Kestner, Kammer and Reinhardt, Simon and Halbig, Ernst Heubach were all in Germany, with Peirre Francois Jumeau and the Jne Bru & Cie company residing in France.
Each of the dolls made by each manufacturer was truly a work of art. However, at the time they were the playmates of children who most likely loved them tenderly and cared for them as treasures.
How else would they be sitting there today, looking so serene?
These dolls are a mark of the pride that was taken by the craftsmen of the time. The fine construction of the bodies, whether made of kid leather or cloth or wood. - the hand painted faces, eyes, eyebrows, mouth - have been done by a professional.
The hair - the pate that the hair rests on all show to have been done by extraordinary talented hands.
The clothing...... fine seamstress work turned into art is seen in the well dated hand sewn ruffles and tatted lace and embroidery.
All in a doll - yet so much more than a doll.
If you are silent, perhaps you can hear the silent voice of the past passing through the delicate build of the body of the antique doll, telling us of a time when hands and the fine art they worked were the greatest tools at hand.
Perhaps you can hear the clip clop of the horses pulling the carriage the owner of the doll sits in as she and her doll traverse the mile or two to visit Grandmother, passing the fields where the hand held tiller pulled by horses turns the fresh earth, smell the goodness coming from the wood heated stove as the door opens into the home of Grandmother, the kerosene lamps softly warming the dimness in the small windowed room.


The antique doll sits gazing. Across the room is the computer, and perhaps the doll seems to reflect a touch of bewilderment as the huge flat plasma screen on the opposite wall flashes colors as bright as the sun that fills the room through the wall sized windows on the third wall.
The times, that of the antique doll and that of today, are as vastly different as anything can possibly be..... tied together by time.
The dolls sit gazing silently, bringing a silent voice from the past into the present.
The voice seems quite loud.
Enjoy looking at those antique dolls throughout the site.  They truly are magical.

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