The Value of Antique Dolls

The value of collecting antique dolls is not just monetary.

The monetary value is good ... for these dolls will only get older therefore their monetary value will just naturally increase as time passes .. totally ignoring the ups and downs of the economy.

Perhaps of greater value than the monetary is the abThe solute intrigue found in these wonderful collectibles.

Here ... antique dolls are being referred to as those dolls made pre 1930 ... of porcelain, cloth, kid leather, and papier mache... and there really is something almost magical impressed in the faces of these dolls ... as though they have stories inside of them that only they can tell.

Of course ... they are dolls.

They really have nothing inside of them other than the stuffing of the day.
However ... that "magical" feeling about them can transport you back in your mind to a time you were not alive to experience ... and it can set your imagination on fire as one question leads to another....
Just where was this doll made?
Where and how was it sold?
Who was the lucky child who recieved this doll?
How was it played with?
Where was it played with?
What type of home was it housed in?
What country was it housed in?
Was it named?
What was it named?
With each question .. more than a century of time is bridged as you query what the answer may be... and it is a wonderful bridge to cross back over ... passing ...along the way... all modern tecnology, visits to the moon, integration, segregation, World Wars.... and all that is encompassed within each or these snapshots of time.. till finally there you are... with your doll... somewhere back with horse and buggies and ice boxes and kerosene lamps and coal burners for heat...

..and a very simple life.

Is that all bad?

Suddenly a call on your cell phone drags you back over the bridge in a matter of seconds..and .. as you race to your laptop to bring up the email your caller is referring to .. you are left to ponder at another time the value of collecting antique dolls.

The few seconds of pure quiet that was experienced while studying this doll is unable to be described ... other than as a refuge for the mind from the endless clamor of today.

The value of collecting antique dolls becomes priceless.